Innovation in Movement of Universe in good path

At Pioneer, innovation is integrated in our culture, mission, vision and values. Our committed innovation is started in the year 1996 applied inventive ideas to improvements that advanced the diesel engine & quality of industrial air. Throughout all our product & service innovations have enabled us to deliver enjoyable product & services with successsful ending. All our timely focus on understand day to day needs of customers, and give them more than the expectations & we are the first on All.

Welcoming the Future

Global power gap demand is expected to cross 90 GW plus and in india power demand is growing by 5000 MW on annual basis due to increased industrialisation, Agriculture, Pharma activities, Residential comforts. India is facing an estimated power gap of 5000 MW by the end of this year where quick, scalable power is set to be even more crucial to industry, communities and entire economies.

That’s why our full concentration is on to serve continually innovating to meet the future with confidence of supplying power, Air & power related services on demand, anywhere in India, without damaging the environment. Also decided to reinvent the energy consistently last 20 plus years.

The start is small beginnings, we’ve become the top 3 rental power player in India, Top 2 Diesel Generating manufacturing company in India & The Best Sales & Service provider of ELGI branded Air compressors in Chennai. Whatever we do, not just in terms of size but in the range of measurable efficiency of products we offer. We’re doing this by Developing new products at our own research and development facility in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Newer technologies are explored at our Plant Centre of Modern Technologies with Excellence, utilising global engineering trends, strategic solutions. We take ideas from researchers and students at universities to investigate and find solutions to the energy issues of the future.

Our eyes are wide open to customers needs and give solution based on their need at changing times with modern technologies as well cost conscious. All our products & services aimed at to meet “EVERYTHING BETTER“ concept and are meeting.

Our Next Initiative: Reinventing energy in innovative ways means providing cost-effective, cleaner and greener power, and reducing Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and particulate emissions with efficient selection of Diesel engines.

By developing deliverable range of technologies, Renewable energy as a supplementary power source, Waste heat recovery for power, heating and cooling, Regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Hybrid tech, like mobile, modular solar panels. Batteries for power storage. Remote monitoring technology to keep performance at its best.

Future of the Globe: Reduced carbon emission, quality air is only solution for the future thus our effort & concentration towards achieving lessor emission at any given time. We position ourselves in the best people for the job with due intelligent & smart lessons.